• Nick Pollard1
  • 1 Sheffield Hallam University, Room 203, Mundella House, 34 Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield S10 2BP


Many different kinds of groups are spontaneously developed through community based activities. Some of these groups may contribute to the life and culture of a particular locality for years but can easily be overlooked because their activity is largely unknown, sustained along the margins of mainstream culture. Informal and organic structures, very local organisation and the ephemeral nature of the materials which record their actions, contribute to their lack of visibility. Some examples are to be found amongst the groups which belong to writers group networks. This article, which is based on focus group interviews with members of worker writing and community based publishing organisations, explores how such groups organise, maintain themselves, and meet the challenges which arise from their marginalisation.


  • writing groups
  • community publishing
  • working-class writing
  • literacy
  • cultural politics
  • groupwork

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