Voices talk, hands writeJournal Article

Voices talk, hands write

Sustaining community publishing with people with learning difficulties
Whiting & Birch
DOI: 10.1921/196214
Category: Research Article
Thursday, December 20, 2012


  • Nick Pollard1
  • 1 Sheffield Hallam University, Robert Winston Building, 11-15 Broomhall Rd, Sheffield S10 2BP, England


People with learning difficulties are generally a marginalised section of the community whose care environment often segregates them from other people. One way of broaching this invisibility is by developing a writing and publishing group which can present at community events and may be a means of educating others. However, such groups can be difficult to sustain.

This article, based in part on a keynote address at the 2006 Groupwork Symposium (Pollard, 2006a), explores the origin and continuing development of a community publishing project with people with learning difficulties in Grimsby. Taking account of the difficulties of recording community based action, it reviews the outcomes 3 years after the initial set up project ceased.


  • Groupwork
  • learning difficulties
  • creative writing
  • community publishing
  • participation, social identity

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